Diabetes and You Program 1
                                               PROGRAM 1 The DIABETES AND YOU panelists, Dr. Harold F. Leeper, Dr. Richard F. Terry, and Dr. Kenneth J. Allen, discuss: Risk factors for diabetes including: * High blood pressure, even if being treated * Low HDL - good cholesterol less than 35 * High triglycerides - greater than 250 * History of gestational diabetes * Obesity * Lack of sufficient physical activity * Presence of any vascular (blood vessel) disease * Family history * Ethnic background * African - American * Native American * Asian - American * Polysystic ovarian disease Heart Disease and Diabetes Eye Disease and Diabetes Common symptoms of daibetes: * Increasesd thirst and urination * Increased appetite * Unexplained weight loss * Blurred vision If you think that you may have diabetes you should see your primary care physician and ask for a blood sugar test.