Diabetes and You Program 8
                          PROGRAM 8 The DIABETES AND YOU panelists are joined by Ms. Kitty Patrick and Mr. Joe Slavik to discuss:                          Diet from the Perspective of Diabetes                                      Exercise and Diabetes                Energy Balance and the Role of Diet and Exercise          Appropriate Types and Amounts of Exercise for Diabetic Patients                                       Kitty Patrick, R.N., D.E., C.P.T., is a diabetes nurse educator and certified insulin pump trainer.  She teaches “Dining with Diabetes” for the West Virginia University Extension Service.  Ms. Patrick’s telephone number is 304/242-0430.                                      Joe Slavik, M.S., is an Exercise Physiologist and a Certified Crew Specialist by the American College of Sports Medicine.  He is Director of the Howard Long Wellness Center, a Division of Wheeling Hospital.  Mr. Slavik’s office telephone number is 304/242-9355.